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We prefer Facebook PAGES over Groups

 boxing_ringFacebook offers profile, pages and groups.

There is a big difference between a Fan Page and a Group. They both can be useful but have drastically different functions.  To create either, you must have a personal profile on Facebook. You do not want to create a profile for your business or else you will be in violation of Facebooks Terms of Service and will risk having that profile deleted.

Both pages and groups can give your business an identity on Facebook which strengthens your brand. Current customers or even potential customers can become fans of your page or join your group.  The great thing about this is that every time someone becomes a fan of your page or joins your group  all of their friends see that they have become a “fan” Or “member”. This often attracts other followers as well as creates a buzz for your page or group.

We admin both fan pages and groups, and for the purpose of business and branding we prefer building fan pages. We do not recommend that a small business start a “group”.

The big differences:

  • Status updates

A Fan page looks just like a profile page, except that it is for your business.  A Fan Page, just like your personal profile, can update it’s status. The Status updates will appear on news feed of all of its fans the same way that when you update your personal status it appears on news feed of all your friends.

A Facebook group cannot update its status. Individuals can write on a group’s wall- but not all of the groups wall posts will show up in your news feed, nor in all of the feeds belonging to the groups members.

  • Corporate identity

Facebook considers groups to be an extension of your personal actions. When you post something as a group administrator, it appears to be coming from you and is attached to your personal profile. Alternately, Pages can create content that comes from the Page itself, so that content doesn’t have to be linked to you personally.

  • Applications

Facebook allows you to add applications to your fan page but not to your group. Our Favorite application is Static FBML, which we use to create custom landing tabs for fan pages. If you write a blog you can also import your blog into your fan page or even your personal page

  • Search Visibility

Another advantage of a fan page is that they are searchable by google. Also one key difference is that Pages are indexed by external search engines such as Google, just like a public profile while Groups are not.



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