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Digital Strategist,

Rachel is a creative visionary and entrepreneurial-minded marketing/communications leader, successful at high-level marketing strategy as well as hands-on execution; including brand strategy, lead generation, community involvement, and thought leadership. Rachel also prides herself in her management style, she puts her employees first and leads by example, she thrives in a diverse and inclusive collaborative environment. According to the Gallup StrengthsFinder, Rachel’s top strengths are Woo, Ideation, Input, Strategic, and Adaptability.

Digital Content Marketing
Asset Management — Managed the creation, approval, copyright requirements, and usage permissions for copy and creative assets distributed across multiple marketing channels including digital, print, broadcast radio, and television.
Web Development — Managed the build, testing, and implementation of web content and user enhancements by gathering and routing key product and deployment requirements.
Social Media / Community Management — Planned, developed and implemented social media marketing strategies to expand social audiences, increase engagement, and support digital campaigns by building social media calendar, managing community posts, establishing company best practices and social media guidelines.
SEO Based Content Strategy — Used Google analytics & CRM (internal) Data to determine keywords and search engine optimization and incorporated keywords into CMS and content strategy for maximum optimization.

Marketing Automation / Lead Generation
Email / CRM — Manage the creative build, product offerings, and audience segmentation of loyalty, promotional, and email marketing communications, landing pages, webinars and web form templates.
Integrated Campaigns — Architect automated campaigns to include integrate custom content & messages, including blog, video, social, or individual email workflows based on user behavior (i.e. email opens/non-opens, web pages visited, social interactions, phone calls answered/missed)

Paid Media & Paid Social — Manage communication plan and media relations; digital communication and social media; advertising placements, including print, digital, broadcast, and other formats.
Data-Based Decision — Analyze market research as well as internal data (open-rates, click-throughs, champion/challenger testing variables, and user behavior to track conversion rates) to make evidence-based marketing decisions and optimize user experience.

Marketing Planning
Brand Strategy & Identity — Ensure overall brand message integrates into content strategy and achieves business goals by maximizing the impact of content.
Influencer/Buyer Persona — Analyze content data, persona information, and content journey maps to determine what content to create or update and recommend strategies to make content more effective based on individual customer/buyer or influencer segments.
Social Responsibility — Architect programs and initiatives that tie community involvement with thought leadership as it applies to brand awareness, including identity & voice as well as public relations.

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