Build an Integrated Marketing System

Brand Awareness

Lead Generation

Thought Leadership

Community Involvement

t is about getting the right message to the right audience via the right methods and media

Brand Strategy

Before you build an awesome website or social media presence, you should have a crystal clear idea of who you are, what you offer, and to whom. This goes beyond brand consistency logo and colors – while it is obvious that you need to have a consistent look- you also need to have a consistent message and offer. I tend to think of this as step zero – what you need to do before you launch any type of marketing campaign.

Content Strategy

Building a pretty website is easy, especially with tools like WordPress. However, you need more than a pretty website – you website should be your hardest working salesperson. Your website needs to be a tool for communication your special offer(s).

Communication Strategy

Social Media Marketing goes waaaaay beyond creating a Facebook page, Pinterest or Twitter account. Yes, there are some marketing stats and best practices (which I share on my blog). But the real thing, is learning to develop a unique voice and position for your brand. We already know that people buy from people they know/like/trust ect… Lets use social platforms encourage your audience to get to know you.


I’m Rachel, Digital Strategist.

I help SMB owners, entrepreneurs, infopreneurs figure out how to communicate effectively with their most effective audience.

My Approach

Customer/Audience Persona

I believe in marketing strategically and efficiently. I help my client think critically about their business, products and/or services, and their target audiences.

Follow the Customer Journey

I am a little obsessed with marketing consistently and a huge advocate to help business owners to STOP playing marketing roulette and to develop and implement a marketing plan

Consistency Communication

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From the Blog

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